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A dome made of bamboo and cob !

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

In the Southern region of Tainan, Dongshan Mountain, the "Mamamiya Regenerative Farm" hosted an amazing project in 2020: the construction of a geodesic dome made of bamboo and cob (raw earth with sand and straw), covered with a bamboo roof. It became an artwork! This project was launched by Sheng-bang and Kebu, and attracted volunteers from all over Taiwan.

The podcasts in French and Chinese tell the story of the construction of this dome, how will it be used in the future, what is the motivation of the project founders and of the volunteers, and what do people passing by think of it :


"Architecture is not doomed to be determined only by a few people, you can find your freedom. Through learning, you can take back your freedom, your power to make decisions. And at the same time, you respect the land and use natural materials to live in this world and use resources in a responsible manner. Only in this way can our culture be passed on from generation to generation. This is part of the permaculture spirit, we must respect nature and people. This is the philosophy I would like to convey."


"This dome was not built by me alone, it was built through the efforts of many people. So, it is not for me to define what kind of space it is, but for users to define how it will be used and what kind of space it will become."


"Taiwan has been colonized many times, and I think that each colonization power has eliminated a lot of the original culture. This is the reason why we can hardly see natural buildings nowadays. Many people believe that natural materials are not safe in architecture: it has become a stereotype. I think that it is wrong: in fact, it depends on how we explore a material, and if we understand it, we will definitely find a way to use it in a safe, comfortable and even cheaper way."

Fumin (volunteer):

"I think that natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and everything will become more and more expensive in the future. Maybe in 2025, we will not be able to afford to buy a lot of commodities anymore, so I’d rather be prepared!"

For further information :

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